Over 10 years ago and after the death of my father I painted this 120x180cm canvas

days after i finished ,i painted over it

i felt that the subject is too dark and too negative to be shared with  the world.

I made a decision then to paint about the joy of living, positive vibes and enlightenment .

but today’s piece of history ,Donald Trump being an elected president of the United States of America

forgive people  me this the  only kind of painting you are gonna get from me today

we’re going to reap just what we sow


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Performance Drawing in Liverpool – pictures


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Liverpool: performance drawing

Here I am in the land of the Beatles (not to mention Carcass, Elvis Costello and George Melly) Last time I was here was to see Rene Magritte, now it’s me here performing at 2 shows this weekend.

First up, tomorrow (Saturday) is at the World Museum. This is a truly amazing museum with tons of cool stuff I can’t wait to see – everything from  amazing Aztec and American aboriginal art (Love that stuff) to an Egyptian mummy with a Fayumi portrait, to samurai armour, to a real meteorite. There’s also a Planetarium and – uhhh – a Bug House . I’ll probably give the Bug House a miss🙂

check it out:

I’ll be performing at 2 pm  and 3 pm, doing drawing performance, exploring the relationship between drawing, movement, mark-making and the body.


above – my show last year at the British Museum in London

Sunday I’ll be performing again at the Bluecoat

The Bluecoat is a very different vibe from the World Museum, so it will make a nice contrast and I’m interested how it’ll shape the work. The WM is a repository of world arts and sciences, while the Bluecoat is one of Liverpool’s premier spaces for contemporary culture. It’ll be a great day as there’s a ton of good things on at the Bluecoat that day.




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new paintings on Canvas

I rarely worked on canvas, I always painted on either Wood , Wall o Paper

this collection is my first serious attempt to work on canvas,,,never say never, Ey

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Timelessness of Art

Sweet Article




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Follow the Travelling school of drawing on Facebook

if you use Facebook ( I know not everyone does) you might like to follow the School

The TDS is a course I have developed for teaching advanced drawing to anyone for whom drawing is a significant part of their lives: that could be artists, architects,  teachers, engineers, film makers. Instead of teaching people to draw, I am teaching to uncover within themselves what drawing is, and to try many new and different ways to think about it, and to do it. It is based on ideas and practices I developed through long experience. I am also bringing in guest speakers from all different kinds of practices.

The TDS is supported by the British Council, and Gudran Organisation in Alexandria.

nazir tanbouli

NAZIR TANBOULI teaching at the Travelling School of Drawing

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The Travelling School of Drawing, in Alexandria Egypt

the travelling school of Drawing is ready for students , starts today at 6pm
I’ve been working over a year with so many good people to reach that point
ستوديو المدرسه المتنقله للرسم جاهز بوكاله بهنا و التدريس يبدأ اليوم ٦ مساء, انا سعيد جدا ,اشتغلت اكتر من سنه للوصول للنقطه دي بمساعده العديد من الزملاء الطيبين

the travelling school of drawing nazir tanbouli ntsch2 ntsch1

supported by 

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