should I get offended?!,,

As I now live and work as a British artist there are many people who don’t know that I came to England in 2002 in the age of 32 , before that I’ve studied and worked in Egypt, that’s where I got the characteristics which define my work from any work good or bad you see on daily bases in Europe, specially England.

I found out that the following lines  always pops up in conversations regarding my work, and it goes like this:

x- I really like your work

me- thank you very much.

x- where are you from?

me- Alexandria

x- and where is that?

me- Egypt!

x- ah, but you studied here didn’t you?

me- no, I studied in Egypt

x- Really?!!!

me – really

today i felt that it’s about time that people get to see some of my Egyptian influences, Egyptian artist some of whom i really admire , unfortunately i  can not find all of them on line but try these names by following the links




have a look and tell me what you think


About nazirtanbouli

British-Egyptian artist Nazir Tanbouli works in drawing, painting, book art and mural. He is based in London.
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