Working Every Day

I’m working every day. Before the course, during the course, after the course. It happens that the course has finished now, but that doesn’t change my working routine. I work every day, a full day’s work.

I’m not working on any particular project precisely. I’m working in my usual routine of daily drawings. At some point (and who knows when?) these drawings will form a pattern that’s kind of obsessive. That’s when I can feel that a project is about to start.

In the last few days I started to constantly make drawings of street riots, social unrest and confrontation with police. Tanks on the streets. Police dogs. Injured and dead. Sometimes with the background of a big-city scape.


About nazirtanbouli

British-Egyptian artist Nazir Tanbouli works in drawing, painting, book art and mural. He is based in London.
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3 Responses to Working Every Day

  1. Brianna J. Miller says:

    I love these street riot pieces. They’re intense.

  2. nazirtanbouli says:

    hopefully i can keep them this way, they just take alot of anger to be done

  3. Di says:

    These are amazing – would love to see some in person!

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