The Greek,,اليوناني

تعاون فني بين نزير طنبولي و خالد قدال في المركز الثقافي اليوناني يوم ١٥ يونيو الساعه ٧
A drawing performance
collavoration between Nazir Tanbouli and the Egyptian sound artist and composer Khaled Kaddal working exploring elements of Greek music and its influance on Alexandrian culture.
Nazir Tanbouli creates large-scale drawings, starting from simple marks and gradually covering the ground through a series of controlled gestures and marks. The process of drawing becomes a performance.

Khaled Ossama Kaddal (b. 1987, Alexandria, EG) is an Egyptian musician and sound artist. Engaging the boundary between Sounds and Concepts, his work is marked by a detailed attention to the Urbans and people’s stories, using recorded sounds of an environment and found/natural objects, or through exploration of acoustic phenomena, as well as musical instruments.
Areas of interest range from; phonography, sound and performance, film scoring,
site-specific sound installations and collaborative sound actions11350498_10153373279969603_474137316860302671_n

khaled Kaddal/sound performance


About nazirtanbouli

British-Egyptian artist Nazir Tanbouli works in drawing, painting, book art and mural. He is based in London.
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