Liverpool: performance drawing

Here I am in the land of the Beatles (not to mention Carcass, Elvis Costello and George Melly) Last time I was here was to see Rene Magritte, now it’s me here performing at 2 shows this weekend.

First up, tomorrow (Saturday) is at the World Museum. This is a truly amazing museum with tons of cool stuff I can’t wait to see – everything from  amazing Aztec and American aboriginal art (Love that stuff) to an Egyptian mummy with a Fayumi portrait, to samurai armour, to a real meteorite. There’s also a Planetarium and – uhhh – a Bug House . I’ll probably give the Bug House a miss 🙂

check it out:

I’ll be performing at 2 pm  and 3 pm, doing drawing performance, exploring the relationship between drawing, movement, mark-making and the body.


above – my show last year at the British Museum in London

Sunday I’ll be performing again at the Bluecoat

The Bluecoat is a very different vibe from the World Museum, so it will make a nice contrast and I’m interested how it’ll shape the work. The WM is a repository of world arts and sciences, while the Bluecoat is one of Liverpool’s premier spaces for contemporary culture. It’ll be a great day as there’s a ton of good things on at the Bluecoat that day.




About nazirtanbouli

British-Egyptian artist Nazir Tanbouli works in drawing, painting, book art and mural. He is based in London.
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