2013 – Studio Ceramics, Chelsea School of Art, London, UK.
2009 – 2010 M.A. Fine Art (Printmaking), Camberwell College of Art, London, UK.
1989 – 1994 B.A. Expressive Arts, Alexandria University Academy of Fine Art, Egypt.

2016 “Drawing Performance” The World Museum, Liverpool
2016 “Drawing Performance” The Bluecoat, Liverpool
2015 “Drawing Performance” The British Museum, London
2015 “Drawing Performance” Chelsea Theatre  Shubbak Festival London
2014 “Full Circle: Drawings And Live Performance” Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
2014 The Alexandria Mural,  Alexandria, Egypt
2014 “Bright Spaces” Kuwait Marina, for GREAT British Week
2013 “Draw to Perform” Performance Space London
2013 Nazir Tanbouli at “Quoz Happens”, The Jamjar, Dubai UAE
2013 The Paint Factory Mural, Bootstrap, London
2012 The King’s Land Murals, London
2011 “Haggerston Mural” Whiston Road London
2007  New Art Exchange Mural, Nottingham.
2005 “Urban History” solo mural project, City Arts Nottingham.


2015 “Remains of Old Albums” Artlounge Cairo
2014 “Full Circle: Paintings” Wekalet Behna, Alexandria
2014 “Black Books” Westminster Central Art and Design Library, London
2013 “Orientophobia” Hackney Downs Studios London
2011 “Keeping Afloat” La Clinica Mundana, Valencia Spain
2010 “Paper Murals” Wilson Road Gallery , Camberwell College of Art
2009 “Baptism of Hailstones” Surface Gallery, Nottingham.
2008 “Private Nightmares” Redgate Gallery, London.
2008 “Constructed Mythologies” Whitewall, Milton Keynes Contemporary.
2006 “Men and Insects” solo mural project. Rich & Famous Gallery, London.
2006 Solo exhibition, De Montfort Hall, Leicester.
2005 “Nazir Tanbouli” Solo exhibition, Factory-Berlin, Berlin.
2005 “3 Films by Nazir Tanbouli” The Collection, Usher Gallery, Lincoln.
2003 Solo exhibition, Art Exchange Gallery, Nottingham.
2002 Solo exhibition, De Montfort Hall, Leicester.
2001 Solo exhibition, Palace of Art Appreciation, Alexandria, Egypt.

STUDIO 75 London Artist-run Centre (artist and curator)
2013 Several Skeletons (from the same closet)
2012 Family Business (with Ibrahim El Tanbouli)
2011 Prospero’s Library (group)
2011 The Draughtsman (group)
2011 The Cockfight
2011 Bibliotheka: A Public Library (collaboration with Valentin Manz)
2011 Eye Candy


2017 “Triumvirate” Mojo Gallery, Dubai UAE
2013 “The Wall” Hackney Downs Studios London
2012 “ONEIROI” Southend Film Festival
2012 “Vinyl” Cultivate Vyner Street, London
2011  7th Moscow Book Art Fair
2011  Heel Gallery, London
2010 “The Freaks” Shoreditch Town Hall, London
2010 “Seven Men in London Town” Redgate Gallery, London.
2010 “Nazir Tanbouli and Jai Llewellyn,” Wilson Road Gallery, Camberwell College of Art
2009 “Beyond Borders: London and New York” AEStudios Gallery, New York City.
2009 “Tales from the Electric Forest” St Pancras Crypt Gallery, London.
2009 “Prospero’s Library”, Accademia di Belle Arte, Catania, Italia.
2008 “Salon”, Whitecross Gallery, London.
2008 “Postindustrial Baroque” Globe City, Newcastle upon Tyne.
2008 “Next we change Earth” New Art Exchange, Nottingham.
2007-8 “Prospero’s Library”, Central House of Artists, Moscow and touring in Russia.
2008 “Digital media 1.0” La Nau, Valencia.
2007 “Coldstore,” Kühlhaus am Gleisdreieck, Berlin.
2007 “Cinetaxis” collaboration with SDNA, London.
2007 “Prospero’s Library” Moscow Central House of Artists, and touring.
2006 “Transpositions” Conjunction 06, Works Gallery, Birmingham
2006 “Lighten Up” Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge
2006 “A Very Public Display” Space Berlin Kreuzberg
2005 “Urban Clearance” Gallery PS2 & site-specific, Belfast
2005 “NG7 Utopia” Art Exchange Gallery, Nottingham
2005 Group show at Treptower Rathaus, Berlin
2005 ArtConcept Festival, St Petersburg Russia
2004 Group show 291 Gallery. London
2004 “Tiefenrauch Ost” Group Exhibition. T.R.O. Factory-Berlin. Berlin.
2004 Group Exhibition, Nottingham Castle
2004 Trio Exhibition, Blackfriars Art Centre, Boston.
2002 Group exhibition, Art Exchange Gallery Nottingham.
2001 Group exhibition, Goethe Institute, Alexandria.
2000 & 2001 Cairo Festival of Contemporary Art, Townhouse Gallery Cairo
1996 Cairo International Biennale, Cairo.
1995 International Biennale Of Young Artists, Argentina.
1995 Egyptian Contemporary Art, international touring exhibition.
1993 – 1995 National Salon Of Youth, Cairo.

2015 Arts Council of England Individual Artist Grant
2012 University of the Arts London Creative Enterprise Award
2010 Bainbridge Award for Printmaking
2007 Arts Council of England Individual Artist Grant
2006 Arts Council of England Individual Artist Grant
2006 Juliet Gomperts Trust Award
2005 Arts Council of England Individual Artist Development Grant
2004 Arts Council of England Individual Artist Grant
1993 Grand Drawing Prize, Artist of the Year, National Salon of Youth, Egypt

2006 Verrochio Art Centre, Italy (Juliet Gomperts Award)
2005 Factory-Berlin, Berlin

Museum of Egyptian Modern Art Cairo
The British Museum London
The Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology